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     orks of Stark is a creative design studio specializing in hand painted Murals, hand painted Lettering and Signage, and high end professional Graffiti/Street art. Being that we are based in Central Florida, the majority of our projects have been installed in Florida, but we can and do take on projects in other states and regions. We have painted dozens of murals between the Tampa area, Orlando, and Jacksonville, along with many other projects spread throughout the state. While we create a wide range of works for larger corporations we have also painted endless murals and signage for smaller businesses, Mom and Pop shops, and residential projects of all sorts. With over 20 years experience and roots deeply embedded in the scenes of Street and Graffiti art, hand painted signage, modern fine art, and graphic design, we pride ourselves in being able to provide original, diverse, high quality work that only those who truly live and breath the modern contemporary art culture can provide. Besides the bit of information just provided and the slight bragging, we prefer to let the work speak for itself...


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Customers, clients, & friends 



HJ High Construction -  Downtown Orlando
Lake Howell High School, JrROTC Program  -  Winter Park
Miracle Leaf  -  Winter Springs
"Animal Array"  -  City of Kissimmee Public Art
Orlando themed collage - Downtown Orlando