Works of Stark is a creative design firm specializing in Murals, Hand painted lettering, Fine art, and Graphic design/art. We work on projects state and nation wide and are based in Orlando, Florida. We have painted dozens of murals between the Tampa area, Orlando, and Jacksonville, along with other projects spread throughout the states. We have painted murals for some of the larger corporations in the country, endless smaller businesses, and homes of all sorts. Our other office is located in Wisconsin. Between our Southern and Northern locations we are able to paint in most states east of the Mississippi with a fair Per Diem arrangement. That's not to say we do not work in all 50 states and internationally, because we will and do. Murals are often painted on a larger scale but smaller job requests are always welcome. With over 20 years experience, we can transform and uplift any room, business, large building exterior, and just about any other large flat surface. We pride ourselves in being able to paint a wide variety of styles and looks, from modern Street Art influenced work, traditional brush painted murals, and hand painted signage.  

Recent projects- Winter/Spring 2019 -->


2019 has been a very productive year for us. Such a wide range of projects, from a series of Postcard style "Greetings from" murals in Highlands County FL, a black light mini golf course with glowing sea creatures, a block long mural where we collaborated with Ethan Long who is a world renowned Children's book illustrator, and a wide variety of other murals for various businesses and homes located all over the state. We have more exciting work  scheduled for the summer of 2019 and will have those photos on our Instagram page (which you can link to at the top of this page) as we complete them!

Recent projects- Fall 2018 -->


DAVITA, A national leader in Kidney Dialysis, recently built a new national headquarters in Deland, FL. They asked us to create a series of large scale murals for the warehouse. The subject matter was directly chosen by each warehouse employee. The most popular choices were- A Military theme, Company and warehouse related images, A Florida ocean/sunset scene, and Abstract graffiti art designs. 


This floor to ceiling man cave/arcade mural in Jacksonville was a challenging yet rewarding project. The them is an Everglades landscape dominant scene with a little touch of tropical to give it some diversity. Video arcade games and a pool table have now been added! 


We were contacted by the Costume Department at Walt Disney and asked to execute a theme that they had mocked up while putting our own touch on it. This Fantasia themed mural (with a touch of Toy Story and Cinderella is located in an employee entrance in their Costuming offices.

More work from late 2018...

Recent projects- Summer 2018 -->


We recently created a diverse group of murals which are spread throughout the common areas at Florida Gulf Coast University located in Ft Myers, FL. The Greetings from postcard style mural speaks for itself while the others have more specific reasoning behind them. The fantasy Coffee maker mural was painted in the campus coffee shop/Starbucks. The Gator themed mural, located in one of the cafeterias,  has an adjacent lagoon which is home to a campus gator.


We have now painted several projects throughout The Anheuser-Busch plant in Jacksonville but this was our first project in the Packaging Department area. We were asked to create a graffiti art influenced mural of their department logo and a large scale mural  representing the Packaging process to compliment our already completed Brewing process mural in the Admin office.


Our good friends at Dream Rental's wanted some eye catching murals for their new location, located right at the main entrance to the World's most famous beach. We were given creative freedom on the design and they were very happy with the result!


The owners of the Wing Palace in Jacksonville gave us creative freedom to create an original design for their new South Side location. We felt highlighting all their unique flavors with each one getting it's own font treatment was the perfect idea.

Productive start to the year!

Here are a few more projects from 2018...Let's just say, we've been working hard...

Recent Projects- Early 2018 -->


The Camp's new Orlando location wanted some fluorescent paint murals to inspire the clientele to transform themselves just as the murals do when the Black Lights turn off and on


Anheuser-Busch recently renovated their Jacksonville Admin offices and asked us to provide the walls with some art that would compliment the rest of the upgrades. We went with a simple color pallet and a wide variety of themes to keep it interesting but not too loud. 


Our clients asked for an African landscape including particular animals in one room and and underwater ocean scene in the other room. Everyone seems to enjoy walking into the Gator mouth quite a bit, being that it is just make believe and all. 

Recent Projects- Late 2017-->


Anheuser-Busch asked us to come up with a New (modern street art style influenced) VS. Old (classic sign painted style) themed combo of murals for their New and Old wood chip wash rooms in their Jacksonville plant. We used a mixture of custom spray cans and hand painted brush treatments for the New side. On the old side we used strictly brush work to give a weathered traditional look.


When Astro Skate purchased a ran down roller rink in Brandon, FL and wanted to brighten things up, well, they knew who to call. These murals are bold and vibrant with regular lighting but when the Fluorescent "Black lights" come on it's like you are partying in a whole different universe. 

Not your average game room!

The owners of this game room, which features table top sea life themed video games, requested an under water themed fluorescent paint mural to match. Word around town is that people love it...and we do too, very fun project.

MOD Pizza Graffiti mural and hand painted phrases

 When MOD pizza's new Jacksonville location requested a graffiti style mural, they called the right people. With 25 years experience of painting and creating original street art style typography treatments, this is one of our specialties. Also a unique and fun way to make a drab wall into the complete opposite .

Out of this world

These large walls inside a Trampoline park, which also features laser tag and much more (located in Gainesville, FL), needed something to tie the place together. This outer space treatment was just the right concept to fill in the enormous amount of wall space.

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