Each murals price is based on a number of factors. Murals are generally priced based on Size(square footage), amount of detail, art supplies, travel, pre-planning (sketches and meetings), and the occasional rental of a lift. For most murals a general pencil sketch is provided free of a charge once an agreement has been made to move forward with a mural. Full color renderings are an extra charge and that dollar amount is based on the amount of hours spent creating the rendering. Occasionally a mural will be priced based strictly on square footage but more often than not it will be a flat rate based on the factors listed above. It usually takes a few conversations between the client and artist before a quote can be given. More often than not meeting in person is not required to arrange a mural to be painted. For smaller jobs emailing photos of the wall space and photos of the mural sketch back and forth along with text or phone conversations generally is enough communication prior to the mural getting started. Larger projects usually require at least one meeting in person.

Services such as computer graphic design, paintings, live events, etc. are priced on a case by case basis.

Deposits: Deposit dollar amounts vary due to the size of the mural and supplies required to complete the project. A deposit of at least 25% should be expected to be paid on all murals prior to the projects starting point. Larger projects ($3000 and up) may require a larger deposit to be agreed upon before the project starts.

Being that no two murals are alike or priced the same, below are some examples of murals and the general price range they fall in:

$700 - $1000

$1000 - $2000

$2000 - $2500

$2500 - $4000

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